Response from JUICE guests

Jeremy Stewart,
It was an honour to meet all of you. What an amazing crew! I look forward to continuing the dialogues over drinks and on the blog. More Juice please!

Doug Simpson,
I have already suggested that OCAD build a permanent lounge somewhere in the facility so that the work started on the weekend can continue at its own pace indefinitely. Eventually someone will figure out that I don’t belong there, but by then I will have racked up an immense bar tab. Hope to see you all there before I’m cut off.

Robert Ouellette,
Okay, I’m with Doug on that one. Enjoyed the experience immensely and was very impressed with the student discussions afterwards. Thanks you for the opportunity to dissect some interesting ideas. I look forward to our next meeting.
Cheers, Robert

Amy Harris,
Good idea. And as an adjunct activity, I’d suggest phenomenological field trips into the city and the untrammeled lands beyond it, planned for the purpose of scrabbling around viscerally in the world and getting a sense of its largest design. Best way to work off a drunk I can think of.

Rita Karakas,
Greetings All: I echo all of the comments and sentiments. It was a Brilliant occasion. So when is dinner, at Grano’s, next Wednesday ?
Much thanks to Robin & OCAD.
Cheers, Rita

Colin Gillies, To Everyone,
For me the weekend was one of those rare occurrences where the stars and planets align and, just for a moment, something larger seems possible. The word ‘enjoyed’ doesn’t really come close to encompassing my feelings about the weekend. I am deeply thankful to all the keynote speakers and the guests who shared their experience and imagination. Secretly I want to believe that much of the benefits of the weekend accrued to me personally. If many of you share the opinion that yours was the greatest gain then something remarkable really did happen.

Also, I second Doug’s suggestion about the lounge – it sounds like an excellent idea – not the part about him being ejected.

Thank you Robin and Lewis and the many at OCAD that supported and participated in JUICE.

Ich bin juiced. colin
p.s. Doug, you really should take that show on the road.

Carolyn Burke,
What a wonderful Sunday I had. This program was a fabulous idea, and I enjoyed
having the good fortune to participate.

Our discussion group focussed on the job world. We explored questions like “What
happens next?” and “How do I get a job?” and “What if I don’t like my job?” And
our group of advisors tried to be reassuring and informative. One point I didn’t
raise concerned the value of internships, co-op work terms, and senior projects
done with and for real world clients. Many students greatly benefit from such
programs. I’ve sat on Centennial’s Faculty of E-Commerce advisory board for
(wow) close to a decade. They’re program strongly integrates the student
experience with the business world, where students have the opportunity to do a
one term internship and a capstone project, both of which provide real world
experience that also benefits the participating businesses. And this certainly
takes the edge of worry away. Just a thought.

Again, thanks for the great day. And yes, let’s stay in touch. I’d enjoy.

Michael Herman,
Thank you both for organizing JUICE and for inviting me. As I mentioned to Robin, I felt that I was as much a “student” as a “guest” – able to receive as well as to give.

The one thought that stood out for me during this afternoon’s Sunday breakout session (the “first room down the hall”) was how much intrepidation the students had about their movement into the everyday work-a-day world. …quite interesting.

Perhaps some sort of internship/co-op place should be part of the ThinkTank course to help the students feel more at ease by the time they graduate. …just a thought.

Cheers and thanks again,

Lewis NIcholson,
I would just like to add my immediate thanks.
It was inspiring to be surrounded by such magnanimity, wisdom and wit.
It was a priviledged experience.

All the best,

Luigi Ferrara,
I felt exactly the same, thanks for including me, Luigi

Jim Fitzgerald,
Although I was only able to attend on Sunday what I saw and heard and experienced left me with a great feeling of respect for those students. I just felt so good after as I walked home. Truly inspiring people. Thank You.
Jim Fitz. 
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Mark Kingwell,
Hello Robin. It was a pleasure and I’m sorry I couldn’t hang around for the rest of the day — but my stepdaughter appreciates the time I made for her this afternoon!

No problem about video, use as needed.
Regards, Mark


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